Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold

Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold

Get serious with the Gold Series....Blackjack played the way it's meant to be played

Play Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold



This is Blackjack, but no ordinary Blackjack, it's the way it's played on the Vegas strip! With 21 being the name of this classic online casino game, if your hand totals 21, or exceeds the dealer's hand, but not 21, count yourself a winner! Played with four regular decks of fifty two playing cards shuffled before each tantalising game, you can therefore decide the probability to get that all important winning hand. This traditional American hole card Blackjack is split up to 3 times, to make four hands, so you can take on the odds!

Don't forget if you're able to 'split' the cards your bet is doubled, doubling your chances of winning. Play Vegas Strip Blackjack Gold, Now!

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