Triple Pocket Hold’em Gold

Triple Pocket Hold'em Gold

Beat The Dealer To Win Up To 50:1 On Your Bet

Play Triple Pocket Hold'em


Play Triple Pocket Hold'em Gold, an online casino poker game with a twist from microgaming. Play against two dealer' s hands and go after a 50 to 1 jackpot at Slot Alerts.

The aim of the game is to beat two dealer hands in the single deck, 52 card game. The player is dealt the first set of pocket cards, which he can decide to Keep or discard. If discarded, the pocket cards are awarded to the dealer. The player has two opportunities to select their favorite set of pocket cards, with each discarded set awarded to the dealer. The player is then forced to “Hold” the third and last set.

Other rules include:

  • * Player has the option to discard 1st and 2nd set of pocket cards dealt

  • * No bet is placed after the flop, turn or river

  • * Player's hand must beat both dealer hands

  • * Winning hand awards are dictated by the pay table

  • * Equal valued hands constitute a tie, which results in a push.

  • * All winning hands pay 1:1 except for bonus payments, which are calculated on the following table:


  • Royal Flush - 50:1

  • Straight Flush - 20:1

  • Four of a Kind: 10:1

  • Full House: 4:1

  • Flush: 2:1

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