Plunder the Sea

Plunder the Sea

What Treasure's Awaits You at the Bottom of the Sea

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Play Plunder the Sea, a scratchcard style instant win game from Microgaming. This game offers two games in one, therefore doubling your chance of winning.

In the first game you’ll find a menagerie of deep sea scallywags that would give the cast of Spongebob a run for their money. Your tasks is to pop each of the six bubbles to reveal which creatures are hiding behind each one. Match three to win – the elusive Orca being the highest paying of them all.

In game 2 there’s also a large treasure chest. If you’re lucky you’ll still get some treasure, if not you’ll come up with nothing but a dead fish.

If constantly clicking isn’t for you, or you just can’t take the suspense, you can always just click the Reveal All button to speed up the action. In fact, once you’ve played a couple of turns that’s most likely what you’ll end up doing because this game really is that easy to pick up and play – with no learning curve whatsoever – so you can just skip right ahead to those instant wins scratchcards.

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