Pick n Switch

Pick n Switch

Make The Right Picks To Profit In This Exciting Bingo-Style Instant Win Game

Plays Pick n Switch Instant Win Scratch Card at Slot Alerts


Play Pick’n’Switch, an instant win scratchcard style game with a strong bingo influence created by Microgaming.

On the screen you will see five tubes. Set your stake then click the Play button to begin. From each of the tubes four coloured balls are then randomly selected. To win you need to match five balls of the same colour – each different ball colour carries a different multiplier.

If you don’t win immediately don’t worry. You can still have additional draws and you also have the option to hold balls of a certain colour before clicking the Draw button to continue. This therefore adds a little strategy into the mix – will you go for the safe odds of a lower paying ball match or hold out for that big multiplier?

Pick’n’Switch is a fun and accessible game that you can literally pick up, play – and win – instantly.

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