Pharaohs Gems

Pharaohs Gems

Enter the Pharaohs Tomb For Lost Treasure

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Pharaoh’s Gems is an instant win scratchcard style game from Microgaming offering three games in one. It takes place deep inside a wealthy Pharaoh’s tomb where there is an abundance of treasure to be looted.

The ancient Egyptians believed that you really could take it with you, which is why the wealthiest were always buried with all their treasure so they could take it with them to the afterlife. Of course that didn’t stop bandits from our realm emptying them out so they could enjoy the treasure in this life.

Now is your chance to do the same and loot some of that same forbidden treasure. Simply set your stake then Click the New Card button to begin. In game one you open the chest to reveal a prize. In game two you pick from three canopic jars – match three symbols to win. Finally, in game three, open the bust to reveal the treasure. Alternatively you can simply click the Reveal All button to speed up the action and skip straight to the wins.

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