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Play Loaded | Online Slots and Slot Alerts

Take a trip on the yacht or have an afterparty at the mansion with the foxy ladies & the chillin' dudes. These characters will help you win the payouts that increase your riches so make sure you hang with them as much as you can. Keep an eye out for the Wild symbols, the Bling Bling scatters & the bonus features as you cruise through the 5 reels & the 25 lines. The one you really wanna keep in check though is top dog rapper Triple 7 - this dude can triple your stash!

If Hip Hop is your thing, then look no further & enjoy the high life of the chilling & winning. We'll close with the words of rapper Triple 7 himself:

“Now let me tell you 'bout a new online slots game, bro...It's at Slot Alerts Casino and it's good to go, LOADED is the name, and that ain't no lie...'Cos this little baby makes your dollars fly Hip Hop is the theme with lots of cash...Fancy limos, foxy ladies to increase yo' stash. But the dude you really want is Mr. 7 7 7...He can triple your win to send you to Heaven. Look out too for my Bling Bling Ring...It's from the rapper and can make you sing. With a choice of free spins and different multipliers...You could be one of the big time flyers! Turning up the heat on your last big win...Try the Gamble feature to make your money spin. Times 2 or 4 are both possibilities...'Cos this is a game just full of opportunities”

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