Dawn of the Bread

Dawn of the Bread

Earn some serious dough from our Zombie baker

Scratch Card - Dawn of the Bread

Dawn of the Bread is an instant win game featuring a zombie baker. A fun and easy game to play.

In an end of days theme where zombies have taken over, the remaining human survivors have only one question: who is going to bake the bread? It is something that we all worry about, isn't it?

In this instant win scratchcard game, you can win huge prizes. Match three to win!

The grisly ingredients for this bread bake-off includes; eyeballs, hearts, rats and bugs. These may not seem particulary tasty but combined together, the rewards are simply heart warming. The eyeball, in particular, is a much sought after delicacy; match three eyeball's and you’ll win 10,000 times your bet. That bread smells goooood!

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