Bunny Boiler Gold

Bunny Boiler

Watch Out – It’s Rabbit Season!

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The Bunny’s back! Having narrowly survived the last time, this sequel to Bunny Boiler from Microgaming provides more danger and more rewards in this Instant Win Scratchcards.

Help the bunny burrow his way to riches and gather up carrots. As with the original the game follows a board game style play, just roll the dice to send the bunny on his way.

Land on a carrot and you get to roll again, land on a death skill and the bunny dies. The game also adds wagering elements plus a target symbol which warps the rabbit further ahead on the board and golden carrots which trigger the bonus round.

The better the bunny does and the further he gets the more you win, making for a gam that’s at once both profitable and fun.

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