Beer Fest

Beer Fest

Strap Up Your LederHosen For A Boozy, Good Time!

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Beer Fest from Microgaming is an instant win scratchcards game based on German beer festivals such as Oktoberfest, in Bavaria.

These aren’t always the most reserved or sophisticated of events, to say the least, but what they may lack in refinement they most certainly make up in terms of rowdiness and spirited consumption.

Beer Fest gives you three games in one with all the fun of a German beer festival but without the punishing hangover – there’s dancing, there’s eating and, of course, there’s drinking. Simply place your wager then click the New Card button to trigger the game.

In Table Dancing you bet on whether a dancer will dance properly, or simply fall off the table. Match the Munchies is where you match up different types of food to win. And Beers All Round sees two men square up for a beer drinking contest – pick the one you think is going to win, while his opponent gets sick and falls over.

The game features comic style graphics with amusing animations and plenty of hilarious sound effects and music to keep you chuckling while you play.

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