An Arcade-Style Game With Plenty Of Ways To Hit The High Score

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Arcader, from NYX, is an online slots five reel, 15 pauline slot game based upon those 10p-sapping video games from the arcades of 80s.

In a plot somewhat reminiscent of the sci-fi classic 2001 a Space Oddessy, aliens have left behind giant monoliths on the moon. Except these aren't the high-tech, borderline-magic devices that Arthur C Clarke envisioned – they’re far more reminiscent of vintage Ataris.

Within moments of playing you’ll soon feel nostalgic for that era, with lots of familiar sounding electronic arcade sounds along with some delightfully retro electronic music that you can bop along with while you play.

Set in a beautifully-rendered 3D frame, the graphics are also delightfully retro and very much reminiscent of old 80s arcade games – that is everything looks blocky and square. There’s square oranges, square watermelons, square cherries – all the standard video slot symbols, but blockier than Legoland.

There’s also a wild symbol and a scatter where you can win free spins with sticky wilds. Add to that the game’s expander feature and pick-a-prize bonus game where you pick from multiple question mark blocks and you’ve got plenty of ways to win big.

Unless you happen to own a time-travelling DeLorean, Arcader is the best way to travel back to the 1980s!

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